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Arrowhead’s mission is to offer each client the same high level of service tailored to meet that client’s particular needs.  Our core values at Arrowhead include accountability, reliability and integrity.  Our staff treats each account as their own and this ensures a sense of responsibility for each and every property that we manage.  Our pre-approved suppliers and contractors offer excellent services at an extremely competitive rate due to our payment terms and relationships that have developed over time.  All of our clients set a maintenance threshold; repairs above and beyond this threshold are recommended by Arrowhead with the property owner making the final determination on how to proceed.

Arrowhead’s competitive advantages include the experience and know-how of our professional team, our competitive pricing and also our innovative accounting methods.  Our professional team can provide additional services, including but not limited to managing mortgage/escrow accounts, advising on state and federal taxes, researching real estate market conditions and trends, realty services and brokerage services.

Arrowhead utilizes Buildium™, an innovative web based property management software program that allows you to track the status of your properties accounting at any time on your smart phone, tablet or computer. The advantage of Buildium™ and its Smart Phone App is that you will not have to install an accounting program and you’re able to check the status of your properties via the internet at any time, a completely transparent solution to accounting. In addition to this method of real time accounting, you will receive a direct deposit each month along with an electronic monthly income statement.

Our team at Arrowhead looks forward to the opportunity of working with you.  Please inquire to learn more about Arrowhead, narrow in on our services and receive a complimentary quote from Arrowhead Property Management.


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